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The principal of Barton Commercial Property, Brett Barton has been based in the Canberra commercial property market since 1985 and is fully knowledgeable on all things relating to commercial and industrial property.

1st Generation

Jack and First Office

It all started with Jack Barton and livestock.


Barton Commercial Property started as a livestock auction business back in 1938 and blossomed into a successful property company that spans across four generations. The business started with Jack Barton and became a very well known livestock auctioneer. Many listeners would tune in to listen to Jack’s auctions over the radio in Canberra and regional New South Wales.

Jack First Team
Jack and Sheep

2nd Generation

John Barton decided to follow in his dad's footsteps.


John Barton decided to help his dad from the early age at the auctions and would sometimes get in trouble for starting the bid at too low a price.

At an early stage, John Barton got his own office in Yass where he started to focus more on real estate.  At the age of 83 he still continues to sell property for his longstanding clients in the Hilltops district.

Jack and John
John Barton Shops
John Desk

3rd Generation

Brett Office

Brett Barton does what a Barton does.


Brett Barton was born to be a commercial real estate agent. Always keeping the client's needs in mind he goes out of the way to help them from early on.

By following that recipe, he became the youngest Partner at an international commercial real estate agency at the age of 21. He also won the Sales Agent award a number of times.

After many years in the corporate world he decided to open Barton Commercial Property in 2010, continuing the legacy.

Antique Auction
Brett Desk

Colliers International, 1989

4th Generation

Patrick Barton, fourth Generation.


Patrick Barton is the fresh face to the business, following in his dad, Brett Barton's footsteps.

He has many years of experience when it comes to sales just by listening to what his grandfather and father taught him growing up.

Patrick is also the next generation that is going to take Barton Commercial Property to the next phase of the business.

Patrick Barton

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